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Starting Solids: a taste journey

Evidence increasingly shows that the introduction of solid food is a vital window of opportunity to help develop healthy eating habits and food preferences, reduce fussy eating, and help prevent later obesity. HENRY has developed a new, standalone intervention to support this crucial developmental stage. It’s been well received by parents, with one describing it as ‘the perfect support at exactly the right moment’.

The intervention guides parents through what can be a stressful time. Every parent wants to see their baby eating well and enjoying food, but often parents don’t know where to start (or when), and family and friends can often be full of well-intentioned but not always accurate or up-to-date advice, which can just add to the stress.

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Timely, sensitive support from a practitioner to help the parent understand what their baby needs, and help them work out how best they can provide it in a way that works for their family can make a really big difference to the process and outcomes for both parent and child. Ultimately, this one-off session helps support the healthy introduction of solid foods and the formation of enduring healthy eating habits and food preferences which will make later feeding easier, and help reduce the risk of childhood obesity.

The intervention is supported by a suite of new resources including our taste journey sticker chart.

It is being delivered in 6 local authority areas currently: Southend-On-Sea, Waltham Forest, Hackney, Cumbria, Surrey, and Hounslow.

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