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  • Do I need to do a risk assessment? If you're organising your own event, it's a good idea to do a risk assessment to make sure your event is safe and secure. It doesn't need to be complicated - just use common sense to make yourself more aware of any potential hazards so you can put things in place to reduce the risk.

    You can view a range of example risk assessments on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website
  • Do I need permission to hold an event? If you're holding an event in a public space, like a park or a high street, you may need to ask permission from your local council. If you're using a hired venue, it's a good idea to check that your event is in line with the venue's guidelines and any terms and conditions before going ahead!
  • Do I need public liability insurance? For smaller private events, this is not usually necessary but if your event involves the public, you may need public liability insurance. Hired venues may already have public liability insurance, so check with your venue.

    You can read more about public liability insurance from the Association of British Insurers.
  • Can I use the HENRY logo to promote my event? The HENRY logo is a registered trademark and can only be used within certain guidelines, so please contact us at fundraising@henry.org.uk before using it on your printed materials. We can provide the best version and help make sure you're using it within our guidelines.

    You can order blank HENRY posters to help promote your event using our event registration form.
  • How do I let people know the money I raise will go to HENRY? It's important people know that the money you raise is for charity - and it's great for us if people hear about HENRY too!

    Please use the wording: "All proceeds from the event will go to HENRY." on anything you print or publish. You also need to include HENRY's registered charity number - this can be in small print: "HENRY is registered charity no. 113581."
  • How do I pay in money I've raised? Please click here to see all the options
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